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No ASPRIN, this meditation

Meditation is not an aspirin. Something sick happens, go meditate. And all shall be well. That's a billion dollar #CorporateSpirituality lingo.

Stress busting workshops.

In the Long Term, no work. Nah ji Nah.

You need to Resolve it, on the earth, not in the air.

Sure, meditate to work the edge off your own hurt, your own anger. But resolve you must. In the world. Direct. There is no escape from the battleground of the world. Certainly not the meditation hall, the modern #SadhuRunningToTheHimalayas. No way. Many of us are afraid of confronting ugliness- it brings out our own perhaps? But till we gather the courage to do that. It will keep on coming back. Know. There is a reason why this person is bringing that edge out in you. It is demanding a resolution. Distance self. Gather courage. Face. Watch. Dissolve.

But then, there are the other kind of folks. The kinds who go: Aree, why not directly confront, yaar? कूद जाअो मैदान में ! दे दनादन ! One slap =one tighter phatak ?! Why 'meditate first and resolve it within'? All this fluff? Dude, why waste time? Sure. In the short term, it seems beneficial. You are rid of your hurt, your anger. You are light. But that heaviness which has gone onto the other? Mmm?! The seething of anger within him? That?! That is gonna come back. In India we call it #Karma. And it does not take a yogi to witness the truth in that!

This birth or next, or next. Through this, that, or the other.

So, to dissolve that vicious cycle, Meditate = #SuperLongTermPlanning!

So the first step.

To distance yourself from yourself. To work the pained-edge off your words, your face, your body, your breath, your fingers, your lips, your eyes, heck, even your hair.

So you don’t end up talking to the other with the intention to hurt him/her. Or with an attitude of begging him to heal you. Both are possible. So, distance yourself from your hurt. For what happens when you face the other is … unknown. If you go unresolved, it may well hurt and wound you deeper. There is no guarantee that the other will put balm on your hurt. Don’t even go there with that expectation! Na.

Balm yourself. Love yourself. As much as you can. And then, Distance yourself. From your ‘self’.


Ways to do that involve first the courage to admit to yourself that you are pained, you are angry. I use those two words interchangeably - anger is the extrovert side of pain, and pain the introvert side of anger.

In solitude. Go to the depths of the pain and invite it to surface. By yourself. You are your own witness. To fully dance its dance. Your fears, your insecurities. Your hatred. Your darkest face. To allow. And to watch that dark person. That scared person. That scum. Who is, actually, no different from the other.

To come to that state in the body-mind when you and him both stop mattering. All that remains, that plays out, is the Darkness, the Fears, the Scumminess, the many coloured emotions of Life. Distanced. You watch. And then, perhaps, you smile.

Its only when that inner smile comes, that you are ready to now go, and resolve.

For resolve you must.

Without that, its just being a #SpiritualEscapist.

True peace, lies in the ability to face war.

True war, lies in the ability to breathe peace.


Within this miraculous play of opposites,

silently throbs the essence of The Celestial Song, #BhagavadGita ... zimbly.


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