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  • Writer's pictureAkanksha Damini Joshi

Can you dare to bow?

Can you dare to bow to the dark, the fearsome, the horrible?

No. She is not just beautiful, desirous, ever loving. She is All that Is. And that includes everything. Even our dislikes, our hates, our aversions. Even that which does not fit into our version of divine.

Her blessings are not just love and life they are also hate and death they are also war, sorrow, famine, pain, disease ...

She is the Mother. She births us. And She takes us away. She is also Death.

She is also destruction. Of every little shred of belief of desire of ambition of achievement of life

She leaves you shattered Of who you think you are Of what you want to become She leaves you bereft of You Then Perhaps Maybe She flows into you Revealing to you Herself

Perhaps Maybe

For She gives no guarantees She makes no promises It’s a path Where you, as you are, Have only to lose ...

Can you dare to bow to that?


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